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Sick Nursing

The Doctor, by Sir Luke Fildes (1891)

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The first doctor writes a suspected diagnosis in the journal, without investigating further. The medical care hotline refers me to the emergency which refers to the district health care center. The second doctor i see shakes his shoulders.
– During my professional career I´ve mer about 100 000 patients, he explains and comparies how women handled stress in old days and how we do it today. Back on the emergency the third doctor takes it all very seriously, and writes a letter to the fourth doctor with suggestions on appropriate examinations. The fourth doctor waves away the letter without reading it, and sais that the bloodsamples were fine.
– What are we going to do now? I ask. The doc sighs.
– I don´t know.


About Magdalena Wiklund

Leg. biomedicinsk analytiker och maker. Arbetar med transfusionsmedicin till vardags, forskar på antibiotikaresistens på fritiden. Jag skapade Sveriges största site för biomedicinska analytiker därför att detta verkligen är ett fantastiskt yrke som jag hoppas att fler ska intressera sig för.



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