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Turn Up the Volume !

Have you ever thought about how strongly music affects us? I always thought that I do realize that…  I´ve been dancing, I´ve been on funerals and weddings, waiting on the phone for that person to talk to me (oh, I hate that music), and then I´m listening to music while writing.

I use to listen to pop or rock while writing. Or rather used to. I had to find a classic piece, listen to it to be able to approve it as a part of my story and then write down the title of it in my story. All my days has been awful when it comes to the writing part. Constipated.Then! Classic music. Chopin for example… It is almost 2 am here, and I have been writing while listening, it is good, really good, the pictures, the characters, the scene. Oh, I will listen to classic music for ever while writing, I will.

Question yourself, and what you´re doing. Test something new – everyday in your life. And then – turn up the volume!

What are you listening to, while writing? If nothing, then why?


About Magdalena Wiklund

Leg. biomedicinsk analytiker och maker. Arbetar med transfusionsmedicin till vardags, forskar på antibiotikaresistens på fritiden. Jag skapade Sveriges största site för biomedicinska analytiker därför att detta verkligen är ett fantastiskt yrke som jag hoppas att fler ska intressera sig för.


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