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My Emtpy Pocket

I don´t know what I´ve lost or where. I just know my pocket is empty. There is a follow-up to this piece of prose to read; Empty Heart

The difference between geniality and madness

Sometimes it´s really hard to write. It isn´t a matter of time, that´s something I really have a lot of. It´s rather about me. Sometimes it simply feels as if I would be constipated. I have my own thoughts, my own feelings, my own ideas in the way for the story and its characters. As … Continue reading

Skill of Writing

Our skill of writing comes from the lives we don´t want to live. We find the way out through the word, not finding it in the world.

Bird of Sorrow

  This night the Bird of Sorrow came to me with words of grief. It whispered in my ear that humanity´s dark cruel that we´ve lost ourselves in hatred disgrace and lack of faith. R.I.P Troy Davis Troy Davis. (AP Photo/Savannah Morning News)


Autumn, red brown leafs chilly mornings, the cold breeze. Death is beautiful. You just read a haiku. If you would like to know more about what that is just click the link; haiku. 


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