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Bookkeeping system of Pietra 1st year

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Today I did some volunteer work before I got into writing, cleaning. That makes me feel good inside. The rain was falling from the sky, I grabbed a big cup of coffee and then I wrote 821 words. Yes, I´m book-keeping the amount of words I´m writing! It keeps me going, it does not matter if it feels as if I´ve done enough for today. I know if I´ve done it or not.

Actually, I found out that I´m improving my writing enormously when I count the words. Let´s say that I have to write 5 000 words in every chapter., and that I have written 4 500 words so far. Now I have to really look deep into the text, and find the little hidden places where I can put another 500 words. I found out that it is all about improving my description of people and places. It´s greate!

How many words are you writing each day?


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2 thoughts on “Improving

  1. I’m not! I’ve been blocked lately, and finding it extremely difficult to get out my two posts a week. I forced a deadline on myself last night and I think it may have helped me immensely. Am going to try it again today and see if it works again!

    Posted by Neeks | October 18, 2011, 7:12 pm

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