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Let´s Brake the Rules!

Braking rules is fun. Every kid have done it But when we grew up we kind of forgot how to do it. Well, sometimes we maybe try to u ourselves in on a but, before anyone else and we call that to break the rules. But honestly – how much revolution is there within us? … Continue reading

The New Diary – by Tristine Rainer

Many years ago I found a great book in the library, The New Diary, written by Tristine Rainer. Why is this  book so great? Well, it is all about deep and very effective writing exercises that can change both your life and your writing for ever. It´s written for all of us who writes diaries, … Continue reading


“Put your feet together, sweetheart”, my father´s voice echoes in my head. Watching the barefoot kids play in the park, I remember myself standing in the sandpit of my childhood´s park, with one foot on each side of a bucket, smiling into the camera. “Why do you want me to put my feet together, Dad?” The … Continue reading

Worker´s life

No money, no peace, working hard, seven days week. I´ll rest in heaven. You just read a haiku. If you would like to know more about what that is just click the link; haiku. 


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