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To rest

I haven´t been writing for a long time now, nothing since Tuesday I think. No blogging and no story writing in my coming book. I feel a bit stressed because of it, but on the other side I also hope that this will prevent my brain from melting down. The last few days when I was writing I had huge conflicts with myself. I was almost going mad! I felt like an empty lake, but still people tried to get water out of me. That doesn´t work. So maybe I really need a rest.

Johnny Cash

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My lovely husband is home, resting. It is much harder to write when someone else is at home. I have to accept his need also; listening to music, talking to me, wanting to have a nice evening with me… I prefer to write when I am by my self. That allows me to enter that magic bubble where I can be deep into the story, forgetting about everything and everyone surrounding me. Nice 🙂

Then the supporting group that I´m attending every Thursday also is really nice. It gives me a push to keep on writing – I must have something to read for them at Thursday. LOL.! But today it´s Monday, and it will be a quite and nice day – I´ll play around some with my new computer, I´ll go to church for some chat on a new theme (doing it every second monday), and I´ll probably see a movie in the evening. I recorded the film about Johnny Cash and his life yesterday, and I just love his music. Country is wonderful.

Dear friends, take care out there and I promise to take care in here. See you soon again. And yes, I still promise that my book will be written, finished, in the end of this year.



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