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48 hours

It´s less than 48 hours left before I reach my deadline, when I´m supposed to be ready with my book. I already know I missed it. With about 8 300 words left to write – and all the fixing and moving around – there´s no possibility I´ll make it. But I´m so excited! The story is … Continue reading


Days are passing by, fast, outside my window. It has just been Christmas, the snow is gone and someone found spring flowers in the south of Sweden. What is happening? What have we done to our selves and this wonderful world? The Maya indians are saying that Armageddon will be here the 21st of December 2012. … Continue reading

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Image via Wikipedia For all you coffee and Christmas lovers. Today I´m sharing a great recipe with you. It is something I love to do when it is cold outside, maybe I feel a bit sad or maybe I just want something good to drink. Anyway. it is a hot drink made of coffee and … Continue reading

A travelling book

Several years ago my husband brought me a book from town. He found it at the train station, as if someone had forgotten it there. Because he knows I love reading, he grabbed the book and gave it to me. On the cover of it there was a small notice telling me that the book … Continue reading

5 books

Yesterday I was away on a Christmas dinner for our family. We were 15 people, a very small number of guest this year. We eat a normal Christmas table; ham, different kind of salted herring, smoked salmon, sausages, meet balls, some vegetables and a lot of candy. After that is was time for our yearly … Continue reading


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