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Bird´s Nest

The little bird´s back from warn countries far away. But my love is gone.

When the Party´s Over

I have just returned from a very nice crayfish dinner. It´s interesting to see how people eat, especially something as complicated as crayfish. There´s a lot of fiddling and a hard shell to be broken up. Moreover, it´s a bit messy. How we eat maybe say something about our personality? The lady in front of me picked up a nutcracker from her handbag, and tried – with compressed lips – to break into the crayfish on her plate. There was planning and perseverance. Another lady took the table knife and … Continue reading

The KSP Writers Center

During my years in Australia I was a member of Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Center, or KSP as we say. KSP is a wonderful place for any writer. Writers of all kind gathers together under the same roof to read their written pieces for each other, to give and take feedback and to have fun … Continue reading


A crush caught me and my heart started to beat; “Life´s big miracle.”


Devilry, folly, both under the roof of mine – Damn it’s a cold life!


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