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Give Me some Space

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Today I´ve been sitting here in front of my computer all day long. I´ve written the last chapter of my story, but it in´t as good as it sounds. At the beginning I wrote the full story, just a few lines in every chapter. Slowly I´ve been filling them out, and today I finished the last chapter of the book. I still have four chapters to write.

I´m floating around between the deepest valleys and the highest mountains during my writing process. Sometimes it feels as I´v written something really bad, other times I can almost see the Nobel Prize in my hand. Most likely what I´ve written is something in-between the two of them.

Most of all I need space. I need space to write and time to write. Me and my husband are sitting next to each other, our desks being side by side. He loves to dig the music while playing around with his computer! Sometimes I also listen to music, but our taste is so different. And sometimes I really need the world to shut up!

It might sound bad when I´m saying I need more time to write. I´ve been at home for five years doing nothing else than writing. That´s a luxury! But in just three weeks I´m back to school to improve my math and natural science. It´s a school for adults, and next autumn I´m supposed to go back to university for a new education. It will take me three year in university – full time. I need a new education, since I cannot use the one I have – as a social worker – since I got sick out of stress. What will happen to my writing then?

I´ll already be done with my book then, I hope. At least the one I´m working at for the moment. But my experience tells me that any academic education kills everything within then human being that is natural, passionate and full of joy.
Am I wrong?


About Magdalena Wiklund

Leg. biomedicinsk analytiker och maker. Arbetar med transfusionsmedicin till vardags, forskar på antibiotikaresistens på fritiden. Jag skapade Sveriges största site för biomedicinska analytiker därför att detta verkligen är ett fantastiskt yrke som jag hoppas att fler ska intressera sig för.


11 thoughts on “Give Me some Space

  1. Hey Magdalena!
    I understand your concern about school & writing… I have been there so here is what I can tell you: you have a very special voice when you write therefore your pen will not let you stray from it, period. If you do, you will not like what you wrote. So, just relax and enjoy the new experiences – through knowledge & meeting new people – that going back to school is about to give you. Stock all that and when it is time to write again, use that stuck up experience in your tales. Education will kill everything creative in any human being that believes it will. Do not let prejudices and hear-say blur your vision my friend. Education will give you what you need and who knows it might even become so that the result won’t be one you expected but wished for… this is what life is all about… use everything it throws at you, your art will only be richer ^_^

    Posted by Clairepeek | January 8, 2012, 8:06 pm
    • Claire,
      Thanks for your wisdom. I will try to remember what you said. Im saying try, because I know there will be those hard times when everything feels bad. And by the way; we will talk to each other a lot. And thanks for the feedback to my yet unpublished post. I appreciate the comment you made and will fix them before I publish. See you soon, and take care!

      Posted by Magdalena Wiklund | January 8, 2012, 8:31 pm
      • Hey Maggie!
        When the hard times come and everything seems hopeless… unloading on friends helps almost as much as writing about it 😛 We’ll talk no matter what – in good or bad times – you take care too. See you Friday.

        Posted by Clairepeek | January 9, 2012, 11:06 am
  2. I don’t suppose it’s the education that kills creativity, more the focus on just one subject all the time. But if you’re creative to start with, which you are, then I’m sure it won’t hurt you. You’ll still find time to write – if no other time, then ten minutes every night before bed, or get up an hour earlier. Or something! 🙂 (I’m not speaking from experience of university but from other sorts of full time courses I’ve taken elsewhere).

    Can your husband use headphones to listen to his music? That situation would make me go crazy! Or maybe you could get earplugs for yourself to block out the sound?

    Posted by Val | January 10, 2012, 2:38 pm
    • Val,
      I happen to be the luckiest girl in this world. My husband supports my writing in every way he can. He works overseas and comes home for a short time before he goes again. So I really don’t have the heart to ask him put in the headphones. I try not to. I want to have tine with him when he´s at home.
      Hmm.. education.. yes maybe you´re right. I´ll see how it goes. But you are absolutely right; if not any other time to write, then at least 10 minutes a day.
      Thanks for all you kind comments and suggestions. I really improved my blog a lot thanks to you.

      Posted by Magdalena Wiklund | January 10, 2012, 2:42 pm
  3. Hi Maggie (Can I call you that? 🙂 )
    This is like a template page from my diary. The words are flowing so spontaneously in this post. Hope you finish your story, with some help from them. All the best 🙂

    – Kamikaze

    Posted by Kamikaze | February 8, 2012, 12:50 pm
    • Kamikaze,
      Everybody calls me Maggie in English 🙂
      Thanks for your kind feedback. I appreciate that really much. For the moment I have so much with school, but I also hope to finish my writing soon.
      Take Care, and thanks for revisiting.

      Posted by Magdalena Wiklund | February 8, 2012, 6:36 pm
  4. 🙂
    Thanks and see you soon again.

    Posted by Magdalena Wiklund | January 9, 2012, 10:41 am


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