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I would also have hidden my face behind paper thin branches arranged family happiness, designed clothes, and a Ph.D. – if it would be me.


Inability a sharp paralyzing fear. This is killing me

In Expecting

It´s one of those grey weekdays in my life. I´ve been shopping in the city, and now I´m waiting for the bus to take me back home. The benches are empty as I sit down – alone – and start to pick amongst my nuts a grapes. That´s when the middle-aged man approaches me, sits down … Continue reading

The Wrathful Man

It´s a wrathful man who walks down the street. His coat, soaking wet by the rain, is just as ragged as his soul. For each step he takes his body nestles even more; he shrinks as a sock in water. His face – scarred, lined and utterly miserable. For each step he takes it gnarls in … Continue reading

The Hated Man

It´s always someonewho´s loving a hated man,wanted by no one.   Discussion: Which one of your characters is only loved or hated? Is that trustworthy and logical? Are there any kind of people who does not have both good and bad within them selves? Who loves the bad one in your story? And who hates … Continue reading


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