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My Story – by Chapelle Corby

Schapelle Corby, left, Renee Lawrence, rightChapelle Corby is a young Australian woman who got arrested and sentenced to 20 years of inprisoment at Bali, Indonesia, in 2005. She was accused of smuggling over 4 kilo of drugs into the country. She claims she´s innocent and that someone put the evidence into her bag during the flight. During the trial the evidence that was used against her slowly peetered while employees within the law enforcement stole for their own use. Her fingerprints could never be compared to any fingerprints left on the evidence, a plastic bag, because of all the people that had been touching it during the process.

The prosecutor on the other hand, claims that the evidence is clear; miss Corby checked in her bag by her self, her brother was already sentenced for a related crime in Australia, and the her neighbor had his own plant in his garden. A photo taken in Australia with miss Corby next to exactly the same kind of bag as the one in with the evidence was presented in the courtroom.

Word against word – a young woman born in 1977 is still in Kerobokan prison at Bali, Indonesia. She has a chance to get released before the end of the sentence if she confess and beg for mercy, something she refuses to do. Chapelle Corby will be released the 12th of April in 2024.

It Could Have been Me

This is her story, told with her own words, written together with Kathryn Bonella. It is sad, scary and very personal. It contains several photos from Chapelle´s private life, the trial and the prison.  She describes the life in prison in a terrific way that makes me grateful for everything I have, and she gives her point of view at The Bali Nine. No matter if you take Chapelle´s side in this matter or not, you cannot read the book without being deeply touched by her story. I cried a lot when I read it. It reminds me of all those people who sit a a whole life somewhere in the world doomed to a life behind walls. So many years wasted. But My Story also gave me a look at the law enforcement system in Bali, a system that is really questionable. It makes me remember that Chapelle´s story could have been my story, your story and everyone´s story.

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