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The Trinity of Truth, Integrity and Creativity

I woke up this morning thinking about my blog, and especially the diary-part of it. What a pleasant way to wake up! But thinking of it I could soon see that I have a problem with my diary, and I got a bit grumpy with myself. There are so many things I would like to … Continue reading

My Story – by Chapelle Corby

Chapelle Corby is a young Australian woman who got arrested and sentenced to 20 years of inprisoment at Bali, Indonesia, in 2005. She was accused of smuggling over 4 kilo of drugs into the country. She claims she´s innocent and that someone put the evidence into her bag during the flight. During the trial the evidence … Continue reading

How to Play Peekaboo with Life

I jump on the train and it moves. It takes me from station to station, from my childhoods kindergarten where I was playing hopscotch with grazed knees, through my youth when I crew cut my hair just to make my parents angry. It moves on, this train of time, passing the hours of thoughts, grief … Continue reading

I Get Very Very Angry When…

Today I woke up at 06:15 am. I had my breakfast, swept my coffee and packed my things. I was in a bit of hurry because of school. My math lesson was about to start at 08:30 am. So I thought… Standing in the hall ready to go I suddenly remembered that the math lesson … Continue reading

Eroticism and Writing

I have been thinking about the topic of sex for a long time now. It´s funny; I have written so many things on different topics since I started to blog; abuse, feminism, lack of respect within our society, I criticized the Swedish sick-nursing, and I questioned the death penalty. I even wrote a causerie based … Continue reading


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