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A dying butterfly full of colors suffering – Perfection.

Re-peating, Re-peating and Re-writing!

I´m a couple of minutes late with this post. Sorry, for that. I´ve just done a 6 hour long marathon by writing an essay in natural science. Deadline was by midnight! I was actually sitting in front of my computer nonstop, writing, writing, writing…  I wish I could do it like that with my creative … Continue reading

Ying & Yang

* The darkness and the light fighting one another in eternity as two dogs – lost by humanity. *

On The Finish Line

I have been working with my novel for many years now. I started very early, as a child, with some kind of immature idea of the story. Throughout the years the it has developed with me, and now I´m almost finished – with over 55 000 words written, every single chapter put on place, the … Continue reading


* God abounded me so that I could be saved by that human being with no wings. Wingless. he raised me from the dead and made me part of Civilization. *


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