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Once Upon A Time

Once upon a time, me

Once upon a time, me (Photo credit: Julie70)

There´s a stranger in my heart,
an alien form of thought
of feeling
off life.

It has eaten up all my resistance
my wishes and my dreams
and there´s no planning left.

The breeze that fanned my cheek
once upon a time
is gone.

All the stories that where whispered
into my childish ear
once upon a time
– they are all gone.

The contour of me
a child playing in the sandpit
is a vague picture
in black and white
of something that happened
once upon a time.

Our lives are nothing else
than mad dreams
giving us illusions
of hope.


About Magdalena Wiklund

Leg. biomedicinsk analytiker och maker. Arbetar med transfusionsmedicin till vardags, forskar på antibiotikaresistens på fritiden. Jag skapade Sveriges största site för biomedicinska analytiker därför att detta verkligen är ett fantastiskt yrke som jag hoppas att fler ska intressera sig för.


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