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The Goodness Project

English: Homeless in Tallinn, Estonia.

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As you already might know I´m participating in Project 365 this year. Because of my interest in writing I made the choice to write stories, prose, haikus, writing craft and that kind of things every day this year. But things are happening, life is changing. I have been thinking back and forward about my choice of topic, about my life, and what to do with it all.

Next year I´ll probably be writing about goodness. I tried to do that in 2011, but it didn´t go very well. My thought was to encourage myself and others to do good, but I ended up being very theoretical. I wrote about goodness, instead of doing good. In 2013 I will focus on the action, and write about what you can do and what I have done. Photos will be proof! There are so many things to be done in this world full of suffering. I´m giving you some examples here.

What Can I Do For Others?

  • Donate blood
  • Donare plasma
  • Register as a donor of your organs
  • Lend a poor person with a great business idea a small amount of money through the organization KIVA
  • Pick the fruit in your garden and donate it to the retirement home in your city
  • Register all your king actions at AOK, and they will donate money to a good cause
  • Do 67 minutes of goodness the 5th of march each year, to celebrate the Mandela Day
  • When buying something, pay for two X (meals, flowers, coffees), and someone gets a free X
  • Do some volunteer work
  • Smile towards people
  • Clean up the streets and parks in your closest surroundings
  • Work for an hour more then usual, and donate the money you earn to a good cause
  • Offer someone one day of your life; “I´m yours today, what can I do for you?”
  • Look at the people surrounding you, and say Thank You. Is your bus driver a very kind person? Tell him!
  • Buy only ecological food, drinks and stuff.
  • Be positive. Sort out all that negativity within you and say nice things to everyone.
  • Give a tip after visiting a restaurant or a pub.

What else is there to do?


About Magdalena Wiklund

Leg. biomedicinsk analytiker och maker. Arbetar med transfusionsmedicin till vardags, forskar på antibiotikaresistens på fritiden. Jag skapade Sveriges största site för biomedicinska analytiker därför att detta verkligen är ett fantastiskt yrke som jag hoppas att fler ska intressera sig för.


3 thoughts on “The Goodness Project

  1. What if everyone did one of your suggestions every day? What a great world this would be! I love your published list. Now that the weather has warmed up a bit, I have been out noticing all the garbage on the streets, in the trees, and in the parks. It is time for a Spring Clean-up in my area. There are so many plastic bags. It drives me crazy. 🙂

    Posted by bigsmileu1 | March 13, 2012, 1:01 am
    • bigsmileu1,
      Thanks for your kind feedback. Yes, it´s true, that if you really think about kindness you see the world from a new perspective. There is so much one can do! Let´s do it together! I am actually thinking of having this project next year, and what if many many bloggers would do the same? Do 1 (ONE) good thing each day, and the blogg about it – 1 picture and some writing. Are you with me?
      Looking forward to see you again,

      Posted by Magdalena Wiklund | March 13, 2012, 11:48 am


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