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Friends, Books and Coffee


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Sitting at my favorite spot for writing, a coffee place named Number Thirty Four, I managed to write another 1 000 of my novel yesterday. All my chapters are there, now I have to add some of the smaller parts, and then it´s the huge job of editing. But the story is actually there, it´s done, and I´m feeling as something big and very exciting is happening in my life – I´m a huge step closer to getting published. The story I´ve written is great, and the story of my life seems to be just as great as the story I´ve just written! Yey!

I got there right after opening time together with my writing friend Claire Perez Ekman, a french girl who´s also interested in the magic of writing. We sat down, had a great brunch (my breakfast, her lunch), a couple of coffees and a nice chat about life and writing, before she left me alone with my chapters.

Except from my laptop, a bunch of papers and one million different pencils I also brought a book to release at Number Thirty Four. I registered the book as a BookCrossing book the night before, then I brought it with me and let go of it by leaving it at one of the tables. Sitting just one table away I could observe people as they picked up the book, read the instruction and… put it back on the table again. Why are people so afraid to accept a gift? They seemed suspicious about the free book with a note saying “Hey, I´m yours.” And again, I´m into observing the characters that seems to pass by through my life. But this time I put out a bait to attract them. Anyway, I hope someone will pick that book up tomorrow or any other day soon. I´m following it using BookCrossing, off course. The sum of my day is; Friends, Books and Coffee (a lot of coffee) is a great combination.


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4 thoughts on “Friends, Books and Coffee

  1. Excellent news! There’s no greater thrill than getting this close to being done! Good for you! ~Alison

    Posted by Alison Gunn, Ph.D. | March 26, 2012, 5:55 am
    • Dear Alison Gunn,
      Thanks for passing by, I´m so happy to see you again. And you do have an excellent blog about Sweden and Eutore, it was fun to read about our “fika” culture 🙂
      Yeh, I wrote those words and yesterday I wrote even more, maybe about 500 words and my fingers are floating over the keyboard. For the moment it´s so frustrating that I have a life that has to come in between my writing.
      See you soon, keep on writing and do a lot of fika!

      Posted by Magdalena Wiklund | March 26, 2012, 10:05 am
      • LOL. You should see me when my life intervenes! I am learning (the hard way) to hide my irritation. Reluctantly, I must also learn how to socialise…. !! “Everything in balance….” 🙂

        Posted by Alison Gunn, Ph.D. | March 26, 2012, 10:08 am



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