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On The Finish Line

The complete set

The complete set (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I have been working with my novel for many years now. I started very early, as a child, with some kind of immature idea of the story. Throughout the years the it has developed with me, and now I´m almost finished – with over 55 000 words written, every single chapter put on place, the characters well described with their very own personality, and a language that is fun and challenging. The plot is a wonderful meltdown, and all the mess I worried about before is gone. It´s all very clear now, I know what else I need to do before I can send my book to a publisher, and my excitement has no limits! What I´m saying is that I am so close to getting published, I can´t believe it, and this messes up every thing for me.

It´s a Possession!

I really deserve this after all my hard work with it, and it´s a great story that deserves to get read by you and everybody else. But, while feeling so excite over my book I´m also trying to fix life; school, cocking, cleaning, sleeping, money, family, health… While doing life I´m feeling like a zombie, possessed by the story I haven´t finished yet. Waking me up at night time, I can hear that story telling voice within my head. It has gotten it´s own life, giving me no peace. It´s crazy! I guess it´s all part of this wonderful writing process I have engaged my self into!


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