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Fool Making Workshop

How many times during your life time have you made a fool of  your self? And how many of those times did you think that it´s only you doing those kind of stupid things, nobody else would…?  I did exactly that today. No, I will not tell you what I did (you wish). But suddenly … Continue reading

Friends, Books and Coffee

Sitting at my favorite spot for writing, a coffee place named Number Thirty Four, I managed to write another 1 000 of my novel yesterday. All my chapters are there, now I have to add some of the smaller parts, and then it´s the huge job of editing. But the story is actually there, it´s … Continue reading

Two Chapters To Go

In the beginning of the year I was afraid of getting all my writing time eaten up by school and the rest of life (Give Me Some Space). It turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of. Kaleidoscope is protecting me from losing my creativity, I´m actually forcing myself to get creative, to … Continue reading

Thorns of Sin

The thorn birds´ signing fills my heart with sinful lust; love is the worst crime – of them all.


* Sexuality; buds exploding, blooming fields´ colorful nature. *


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