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Writing Exercise

Todays writing exercise can be fun, but also challenging. Look at the picture at write down the story behind it. What does this picture make you think and feel? In what occasion is it taken, who took it and why? What happened the minutes before the picture was taken?

Taking Back My Sanity

Well, after four months of Project 365 i have to give up! Too many things have been happening in my life, and I really have to take care of them. I will keep on blogging, but approximately once a week. Between my blogging I´ll finish my book, and my studies. My book has now only … Continue reading


* One moment of silver dreams between two lines of love; – a celebration of humanity.

The Cloud

* The empty blue sky filled itself up with one single cloud. It was fluffy, white, magnificent! and lived its life gliding over our heads without ever bothering about life.

A Little Heart

A little heart is warming up in my daughters little hand. The girl is freezing my heart is bleeding for  that love – connection – we just made.


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