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Am I Loosing it All?

English: Cover of the Story of Babar published...

English: Cover of the Story of Babar published 1931 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Being in the last stages of the editing, it feels as if I am loosing it all! The story is written, there are some issues I need to fix but without any bigger problems. The main “problem” is to put the paragraphing on the right places. But it truly feels as if I would be falling, from the deepest skies to the lowest hell!

Is it really a good story? I am so tired of it. Are the characters trustworthy? They seem so plain and shallow. Am I writing too much from one point of view? They all seem to say and think the same. Is my language alright? I´m really good on all those academic words. All this makes me shiver, I feel confused, happy, scared and seduced – all at once. What if I get refused? What if this is good enough, good enough for who? What if my computer crashes before I have it all in my hand? What if I get famous?

What if?


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