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My Story – by Chapelle Corby

Chapelle Corby is a young Australian woman who got arrested and sentenced to 20 years of inprisoment at Bali, Indonesia, in 2005. She was accused of smuggling over 4 kilo of drugs into the country. She claims she´s innocent and that someone put the evidence into her bag during the flight. During the trial the evidence … Continue reading

Disgrace – by J.M. Coetzee

J.M. Coetzee got the Nobel Prize in literature for writing his book Disgrace. It´s about 250 pages only, but the book is really superb! Coetzee is living in South Africa i believe, and the story is taking place there. Disgrace is a story about a middle-aged university teacher named David, and also about his daughter Lucy. … Continue reading

Tuesdays with Morrie – by Mitch Albom

There are some great books out there, to read and enjoy. I must say that I use to really enjoy my books. For some people books are holy; they just stand there at the shelf. If you look at them it is impossible to see that anyone ever open them. My book are living with … Continue reading

The New Diary – by Tristine Rainer

Many years ago I found a great book in the library, The New Diary, written by Tristine Rainer. Why is this  book so great? Well, it is all about deep and very effective writing exercises that can change both your life and your writing for ever. It´s written for all of us who writes diaries, … Continue reading


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