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Moving; everything is moving across my perception molding itself through it crushing minds building bridges… Everything is becoming. One single peace – of me.

The Book is Ready

Sigh… Haven´t really been blogging for a while. But the good thing is that I have improved my book, the manuscript. More than 57 000 words written, and it is good! The manuscript is with one of my friends at the moment, and as soon as he is finished and I have a new address … Continue reading


* One moment of silver dreams between two lines of love; – a celebration of humanity.

The Cloud

* The empty blue sky filled itself up with one single cloud. It was fluffy, white, magnificent! and lived its life gliding over our heads without ever bothering about life.

A Little Heart

A little heart is warming up in my daughters little hand. The girl is freezing my heart is bleeding for  that love – connection – we just made.


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