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When the Party´s Over

I have just returned from a very nice crayfish dinner. It´s interesting to see how people eat, especially something as complicated as crayfish. There´s a lot of fiddling and a hard shell to be broken up. Moreover, it´s a bit messy. How we eat maybe say something about our personality? The lady in front of me picked up a nutcracker from her handbag, and tried – with compressed lips – to break into the crayfish on her plate. There was planning and perseverance. Another lady took the table knife and … Continue reading

In Expecting

It´s one of those grey weekdays in my life. I´ve been shopping in the city, and now I´m waiting for the bus to take me back home. The benches are empty as I sit down – alone – and start to pick amongst my nuts a grapes. That´s when the middle-aged man approaches me, sits down … Continue reading

Sick Nursing

The first doctor writes a suspected diagnosis in the journal, without investigating further. The medical care hotline refers me to the emergency which refers to the district health care center. The second doctor i see shakes his shoulders. – During my professional career I´ve mer about 100 000 patients, he explains and comparies how women handled … Continue reading

Story of Creation

This is a short extract from my “Story of Creation.” – Stop accusing one another. Let´s change! Charles Darwin´s grandson Barack Obama asked. The people agreed, and the rich ones created a big meeting they called G8 to find a way to meet the desires of humanity. After conferencing for seven days one man named … Continue reading


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