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The Reality of Saga

As a teenager I had an idol, as most teenagers have. Mine was a Swedish pop-rock singer named Tommy Nilsson. I adored him in every way. As soon as he came to my town to sing, I bought a ticket. Then I bought a red rose, every single time. He sang, I gave him my … Continue reading

A Piece of Gold

I´m 15 years old and it´s the world against me, and me against the world. Very well knowing how much you hate me, I hate you back for every word that comes out of your mouth; I love you. I refuse to believe. Instead I crew cut my long chestnut-colored hair, giving you the finger for … Continue reading


Every summer they come, pale men with hairy stomachs hanging out over their belts, sucking in the sun into their souls. They come with big smiles, and wilderness in their eyes, like predators looking for prey. They sit under the burning sun, rolling Pina Colada over their tongues, the day waxing into jet black emptiness. … Continue reading

The Perfect Square

A limping man, a brat hiding behind his hood while scribbling the wall, a weeping woman with her makeup smeared all over her face, a pair of howling twins, and a cat chasing a doomed mouse. The rain beats against the cafeteria´s newly washed window, hard and brutally, while they all pass, each and one in their own way – running, tripping and turning with featherweight umbrellas. With hearts heavy as lead they flee through their tears. I turn the cup, allowing the hot chocolate to flow … Continue reading

The Wrathful Man

It´s a wrathful man who walks down the street. His coat, soaking wet by the rain, is just as ragged as his soul. For each step he takes his body nestles even more; he shrinks as a sock in water. His face – scarred, lined and utterly miserable. For each step he takes it gnarls in … Continue reading


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