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The winter hit us with surprise, as always. I am enjoying it. We have a lot of snow, it is about – 10 degrees and I am spending my time in silence and with love towards myself and my surroundings. Every morning I wake up at 9:00 am. Then I get my caffelatte and a … Continue reading

Grief and Trust

I have been sucking on that piece of candy for such a long time now – my story. Writing, editing, re-writing and re-editing again. I have let other people read it, I have listened to their feedback. Now I´m done with t all, but still I feel as is I have to read it all … Continue reading

Who Wants 1 200 USD?

I just found a competition for writers. The price; 10 000 SEK (about 1 200 USD). It´s an invitation for me, clearly. I know I´m a great writer, I know I will win if I join. The problem is – I have written a story at about 60 000 words, and the competition is for … Continue reading

Life of A Grass Widow

For the moment I´m a grass widow. While my husband spends time with friends, I am spending my time writing, blogging and watching TV. Writing different things improves me as a writer, just as reading does. For the moment I´m dipping my nose in a book named “In this silent night” written by the Swedish … Continue reading

Rest, rest, rest!

Lying in bed, with a cup of coffee in one hand, an ice cream in the other, the laptop in my knees and with my husband next to me… life is pretty awesome! Today I will make sure to do all the things I want to do, without bothering about any of the “have to.” … Continue reading


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