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Fool Making Workshop

How many times during your life time have you made a fool of  your self? And how many of those times did you think that it´s only you doing those kind of stupid things, nobody else would…?  I did exactly that today. No, I will not tell you what I did (you wish). But suddenly … Continue reading

The Devil and Me

He´s a devil without horns. With a deep frown he twists his blue eyes around – magic – transferring me to someone who´s evil. I´m the lost soul who´s supposed to get saved by a tongue sharp as a carved sword, still burning after its time in the molten core. With a boyish-like smile he … Continue reading

Onion Mind – Onion Identity

My spiritual leader, Ajahn Brahm, once gave a speech where he compared people with onions. Just as there are layers in an onion, there are layers within you. You take one layer of, and then you find the next one. We are like onions! Those layers within us have nothing to do with who we really … Continue reading

My Dentist is a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Every time I visit my dentist he speaks about patients who die in the dental chair. I lay back with my mouth open, and off course it´s impossible for me to speak during the treatment. I can only listen to what´s said over my open mouth, between Mr. Dentist and his nurse. They say that … Continue reading

Send Your Poo-Poo to the Poor

Yesterday I watched a documentary on TV. It was about a group of activists calling them selves The Yes Men. What they do is “impersonating big-time criminals in order to publicly humiliate them.” Their targets are big companies who puts profit ahead of everything else. This time they targeted WTO (The World Trade Organization). They started … Continue reading


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