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What´s The Point of Writing?

Being at the editing stage of my novel is exciting, but also a bit scary. Will this be good enough? Will my readers clap their hand or be confused? It happens, from time to time, that people ask me – what do you mean but his? And off course, writing any kind of story it … Continue reading

Eroticism and Writing

I have been thinking about the topic of sex for a long time now. It´s funny; I have written so many things on different topics since I started to blog; abuse, feminism, lack of respect within our society, I criticized the Swedish sick-nursing, and I questioned the death penalty. I even wrote a causerie based … Continue reading

The Problem with Genre

There is a window in my life. I´m standing on one side of it – thats today. On the other side I have yesterday. I´m standing here today, looking back at the days that passed through my life, all the things that happened. I can walk through that window back and forward as I whish, … Continue reading

(W)right to Freedom

Every time I tell people I’m an author, they ask what kind of books I write. I guess I’m supposed to answer them with a genre; fantasy, horror, romance or maybe science fiction. It annoys me every time. Why do I have to limit myself and my art by putting myself and my work within boundries? … Continue reading


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