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When No One´s Looking

Time is passing by, fast, outside my window. The other day it was a windy, grey weather with some rain. The day after that hot summer with a clear blue sky. Today again we had rain and a bit of a thunderstorm. I really like the weather – and I hate watching the forecast! Weather … Continue reading


Writing Exercise

Todays writing exercise can be fun, but also challenging. Look at the picture at write down the story behind it. What does this picture make you think and feel? In what occasion is it taken, who took it and why? What happened the minutes before the picture was taken?


I´m in deep thinking, and I guess that is a bit of my writing process as well as my living process. When I started to write I was affecting it. The way I was, my experiences, my thoughts and feelings were all expressed in my writing somehow. As a teenager I did what most teenagers … Continue reading

Fictive Words

The day before yesterday I gave you a writing exercise named Re-peating, Re-peating and Re-writing. It was about finding as many synonyms as possible to one single word. I mentioned that you also can use your creativity to  create new words. I would like to talk a bit more about that today. Since English isn´t … Continue reading

Re-peating, Re-peating and Re-writing!

I´m a couple of minutes late with this post. Sorry, for that. I´ve just done a 6 hour long marathon by writing an essay in natural science. Deadline was by midnight! I was actually sitting in front of my computer nonstop, writing, writing, writing…  I wish I could do it like that with my creative … Continue reading


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