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When No One´s Looking

Time is passing by, fast, outside my window. The other day it was a windy, grey weather with some rain. The day after that hot summer with a clear blue sky. Today again we had rain and a bit of a thunderstorm. I really like the weather – and I hate watching the forecast! Weather … Continue reading



I´m in deep thinking, and I guess that is a bit of my writing process as well as my living process. When I started to write I was affecting it. The way I was, my experiences, my thoughts and feelings were all expressed in my writing somehow. As a teenager I did what most teenagers … Continue reading

Fictive Words

The day before yesterday I gave you a writing exercise named Re-peating, Re-peating and Re-writing. It was about finding as many synonyms as possible to one single word. I mentioned that you also can use your creativity to  create new words. I would like to talk a bit more about that today. Since English isn´t … Continue reading

Re-peating, Re-peating and Re-writing!

I´m a couple of minutes late with this post. Sorry, for that. I´ve just done a 6 hour long marathon by writing an essay in natural science. Deadline was by midnight! I was actually sitting in front of my computer nonstop, writing, writing, writing…  I wish I could do it like that with my creative … Continue reading

Write A Book In A Day

During my membership at KSP Writing Center in Perth, Australia, as I have written about in a previous post I heard about a huge writing challenge they had for all their members. I never participated because of lack of time, but it sounded great and I would love to do it. It´s even possible to … Continue reading


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