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Guilt Without Context

Once I asked a friend of mine if he´s guilty. – Of what? he asked with surprise in his face. I shrugged my shoulders. – I don´t know. Just guilty, are you? Or are you innocent? He smiled, without knowing what to answer. That´s what people do when they don´t know what to say or … Continue reading

Put Your Writing Into the Mixer

This great writing exercise is about mixing a topic with a way of writing in an unexpected way. How would you write a resignation from your existing job, if you had to write it as a piece of prose? There are an infinitely amount of topics that can be written in an infinitely amount of … Continue reading

The Perfect Picture

One of my writing friends once asked me how I do to paint the pictures in my book only using words. You know, I´m an author. I don´t use pencils, colors or even a panel. I use characters, words and paper letting my fingers dance over my computers keyboard. But still, I´m painting pictures. Pictures … Continue reading

What is a Haiku?

Many people are writing haikus these days. Some of them are doing it for fun, but many are doing it as their only writing, as a piece of art that has to be carefully taken care of. You can put a lot of time and effort into a haiku, if you want. It can be … Continue reading


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