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Write A Book In A Day

During my membership at KSP Writing Center in Perth, Australia, as I have written about in a previous post I heard about a huge writing challenge they had for all their members. I never participated because of lack of time, but it sounded great and I would love to do it. It´s even possible to … Continue reading

The Picture, number 1

The Picture – A Writing Exercise This is a writing exercise without any limits. Look at he picture, look at it carefully for several minutes.  I even advice you to click the picture to get it in its own window, to look at it without any distractions. When you feel that you have gained everything … Continue reading

Guilt Without Context

Once I asked a friend of mine if he´s guilty. – Of what? he asked with surprise in his face. I shrugged my shoulders. – I don´t know. Just guilty, are you? Or are you innocent? He smiled, without knowing what to answer. That´s what people do when they don´t know what to say or … Continue reading

How to Play Peekaboo with Life

I jump on the train and it moves. It takes me from station to station, from my childhoods kindergarten where I was playing hopscotch with grazed knees, through my youth when I crew cut my hair just to make my parents angry. It moves on, this train of time, passing the hours of thoughts, grief … Continue reading

I Get Very Very Angry When…

Today I woke up at 06:15 am. I had my breakfast, swept my coffee and packed my things. I was in a bit of hurry because of school. My math lesson was about to start at 08:30 am. So I thought… Standing in the hall ready to go I suddenly remembered that the math lesson … Continue reading


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