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Grief and Trust

I have been sucking on that piece of candy for such a long time now – my story. Writing, editing, re-writing and re-editing again. I have let other people read it, I have listened to their feedback. Now I´m done with t all, but still I feel as is I have to read it all … Continue reading

Taking Back My Sanity

Well, after four months of Project 365 i have to give up! Too many things have been happening in my life, and I really have to take care of them. I will keep on blogging, but approximately once a week. Between my blogging I´ll finish my book, and my studies. My book has now only … Continue reading


For the moment I started to recreate my own life´s timeline; from birth to today. I´m doing two things – checking out the application to see how it works, if I can use it for my book writing, and watching the greatest moments of my life come to life at the screen… in front of … Continue reading

Let go, Let´s Write

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about how it is to be between success and defeat, as a writer. I got a very thoughtful comment written by Alison Gunn, one of my regular readers. She mentioned how important it is for the brain to get some rest, to be able to create. … Continue reading

Grief – A Part of My Writing Process

My last post, about being between success and defeat, made me understand how close I really am to the success. But with the understanding of that I also got a huge surprise! With the success follows grief. I have really fallen in love with the city I´m writing about, its people and their stories. Do … Continue reading


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