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Let go, Let´s Write

A couple of days ago I wrote a post about how it is to be between success and defeat, as a writer. I got a very thoughtful comment written by Alison Gunn, one of my regular readers. She mentioned how important it is for the brain to get some rest, to be able to create. … Continue reading

Grief – A Part of My Writing Process

My last post, about being between success and defeat, made me understand how close I really am to the success. But with the understanding of that I also got a huge surprise! With the success follows grief. I have really fallen in love with the city I´m writing about, its people and their stories. Do … Continue reading

Between Success and Defeat…

Today I had an amazing day! Having to spend hours on a bus back and forward between two cities (I went for a meeting) I took my science book with me to prepare myself for the exam on Thursday, and off course also a piece of paper and a pen if I would get the … Continue reading

On The Finish Line

I have been working with my novel for many years now. I started very early, as a child, with some kind of immature idea of the story. Throughout the years the it has developed with me, and now I´m almost finished – with over 55 000 words written, every single chapter put on place, the … Continue reading

Two Chapters To Go

In the beginning of the year I was afraid of getting all my writing time eaten up by school and the rest of life (Give Me Some Space). It turned out that there was nothing to be afraid of. Kaleidoscope is protecting me from losing my creativity, I´m actually forcing myself to get creative, to … Continue reading


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