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Who Wants 1 200 USD?

I just found a competition for writers. The price; 10 000 SEK (about 1 200 USD). It´s an invitation for me, clearly. I know I´m a great writer, I know I will win if I join. The problem is – I have written a story at about 60 000 words, and the competition is for … Continue reading

Am I Loosing it All?

Being in the last stages of the editing, it feels as if I am loosing it all! The story is written, there are some issues I need to fix but without any bigger problems. The main “problem” is to put the paragraphing on the right places. But it truly feels as if I would be falling, … Continue reading

Re-Cycling My Writing

My writing seems to go in cycles; I´m writing prose for a couple of days, then I´m into diaries and reflection for some time. It feels as if my prose takes me out at deep water, it makes me tired – almost excused – and now I finally reached an island. It´s time to rest … Continue reading

The Trinity of Truth, Integrity and Creativity

I woke up this morning thinking about my blog, and especially the diary-part of it. What a pleasant way to wake up! But thinking of it I could soon see that I have a problem with my diary, and I got a bit grumpy with myself. There are so many things I would like to … Continue reading

The Reflection is A Downhill

One of the most important things I do, as a part of my authorship, is to reflect over my writing. From time to time I pick up my finished and maybe even published work, and I look at it without any preconceived opinions. It´s a huge pleasure for me as an author being able to look … Continue reading


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