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Train of Dreams

While my fantasies are mostly euphorically light-minded, my dreams are lacking logic in a very dark and unpleasant way. Who turned off the lights? Dreaming, I´m always deeply involved into something that is entirely out of my control. Things that cannot fly are suddenly indeed flying, and if I´m not running to I´m always running … Continue reading

A Dream: Orthodox Meeting in The Catacombs

Orthodox Meeting in The Catacombs As a teenager I used to have the same dream over and over again. But – there would be several years between the times I dreamed it, and the dream would change slightly every time I dreamed it. That made the dream more important for me, I felt as if … Continue reading

Submarine Car

It´s interesting how dreams and fantasies can trigger you to write. If you write them down and keep them, they can all become a great recourse of your writing. In dreams and fantasies things happen that could never be true. Sometimes our mind limit us when we are awake. Dreams loosens up the roof above … Continue reading


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