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The Reality of Saga

As a teenager I had an idol, as most teenagers have. Mine was a Swedish pop-rock singer named Tommy Nilsson. I adored him in every way. As soon as he came to my town to sing, I bought a ticket. Then I bought a red rose, every single time. He sang, I gave him my … Continue reading

Number Thirty Four

There is a great coffee place in my city called Number Thirty Four, translated into English. The atmosphere is fantastic! It´s a mix of hippie culture, museum and a fair trade coffee place. The furniture is a mixture of old worn chairs, tables, nice and comfy armchairs and sofas – all in different sizes, models … Continue reading

What is a Haiku?

Many people are writing haikus these days. Some of them are doing it for fun, but many are doing it as their only writing, as a piece of art that has to be carefully taken care of. You can put a lot of time and effort into a haiku, if you want. It can be … Continue reading

The Journal

Image by paperbackwriter via Flickr My lovely husband is just setting up my computer. I´m using a software called The Journal for my writing. It encrypts the files, and I love it. It´s easy to find different chapters in my writing, and everything I write ends up hidden in that program. The software offers writing prompts, … Continue reading


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