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The Story Makers Yahoo Group!

I just started a new Yahoo Group. It´s named The Story Makers,but listed under the mane story-writing.The Story Makers is a group for anyone who writes creative stories in English, pieces and books such as fiction, novels, horror, memoirs, prose, haiku, children’s´story, flash fiction, manuscripts, and so on…. You don´t have to be published, all … Continue reading

The StoryMakers – A Writing Group for Adults

I´ve written an earlier post about the membership i had in one of the writing groups at Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Center in Perth, Australia. Since I came back to Sweden I actually created an entirely new group for writers. There was no such thing where I live, so I simply put up some notes … Continue reading

The KSP Writers Center

During my years in Australia I was a member of Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers Center, or KSP as we say. KSP is a wonderful place for any writer. Writers of all kind gathers together under the same roof to read their written pieces for each other, to give and take feedback and to have fun … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Today the writing group I participate in celebrated my birthday! I  got a flower, a card, a book about the history of our citys castle! We had a big cake, tea, coffee, candles, and some really good reading! My friends are great when it comes to poems. And – as writers we are artists! Some of … Continue reading

To rest

I haven´t been writing for a long time now, nothing since Tuesday I think. No blogging and no story writing in my coming book. I feel a bit stressed because of it, but on the other side I also hope that this will prevent my brain from melting down. The last few days when I … Continue reading


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