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In the end of 2012 I will pick all the best posts of Kaleidoscope and bring them together in a book. I will also pick some other pieces of my writing that never been published anywhere. You can now win a signed copy of that book! All you have to do to take part of this competition is to:

1. Go to my Welcome page and make a comment at that page telling me two things:

what you think is good with Kaleidoscope
what you think I could improve with Kaleidoscope

2. Search as few or as many as you want of my posts. Pick the one you like most, and make a comment at that post. Tell me why you like it. You are allowed to make as many comments in as many posts you like. You might change your mind during the year; I´ll be posting once every day. But remember that the amount of comments does not improve you chance to win. It´s the quality of your comments that will be looked upon.

The winner of the competition will be picked by me at the 31st of December 2012. I will make the profile name of the winner public in a post that evening (Swedish time), together with a link to his/her blog. When the winner gets the book depends on where in the world he/she lives. Anyone who´s a family member or in-real-life friend of mine will not be accepted as a participant of this competition. But you are still very welcome to make any comments.


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