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I will fall my cheeks will gray as the sky grays a rough autumn an evening in september when the birds sing their song of grief crying for the loss of countless heartbeats that once asked to be loved; voices that yelled upwards to the empty skies: ´Love me! for whoever I might be` before they … Continue reading

How Hard

How hard can it be to write a three line poem, a simple haiku? Well, it’s hard enough; forcing me to count the lines, the words, and to think… about the autumn, the times that passed by in life; the hard and the soft. This piece of prose contains three haikus. If you would like … Continue reading


Autumn, red brown leafs chilly mornings, the cold breeze. Death is beautiful. You just read a haiku. If you would like to know more about what that is just click the link; haiku. 


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