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Environmental change

A week ago I went overseas. It was a mix of having a vacation, spending some quality time with my husband and my work. I took my laptop with me, and hoped for the best. I was afraid that I would lose the discipline. But, hey! It turned out to be the opposite. It was … Continue reading

Happy Birthday!

Today the writing group I participate in celebrated my birthday! I  got a flower, a card, a book about the history of our citys castle! We had a big cake, tea, coffee, candles, and some really good reading! My friends are great when it comes to poems. And – as writers we are artists! Some of … Continue reading

The Journal

Image by paperbackwriter via Flickr My lovely husband is just setting up my computer. I´m using a software called The Journal for my writing. It encrypts the files, and I love it. It´s easy to find different chapters in my writing, and everything I write ends up hidden in that program. The software offers writing prompts, … Continue reading

To rest

I haven´t been writing for a long time now, nothing since Tuesday I think. No blogging and no story writing in my coming book. I feel a bit stressed because of it, but on the other side I also hope that this will prevent my brain from melting down. The last few days when I … Continue reading

Use the break

I just had a break in my life. I went out in Europe on a short trip, and did not write at my book, or any poems, or anything in my blog. I’m sure you noticed that. Now I am back at home, full of ideas to my upcoming book, my poems, my writing, my … Continue reading


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