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Cut and Paste

Today I felt really creative. I´ve been working so hard with one of the chapters in my book – it was all just a big mess! So I read it all through, and then I wrote down a description of every paragraph in that chapter on a piece of paper. The descriptions of each paragraph … Continue reading

The Cube – Part 6

Part 6, the last part of The Cube – A Writing Exercise. What could the items absolute opposite be?  I´m immediately thinking about lead. It´s heavy, hard, and just one color. You cannot use it in a fantasy to create a story, it does´t makes me feel anything positive, you cannot use it as a … Continue reading

The Cube – Part 5

Question number 5 of The Cube – A Writing exercise; What kind of feelings does the item awakens within you?  The leaf makes me feel sad, as a dreamer, nostalgic, and romantic. I feel creative and full of fantasy thanks to all the pictures I get in my head when thinking about the leaf. It … Continue reading

The Cube – Part 4

Today I´m doing part 4 of The Cube – A Writing Exercise. The question is: How can the item be used?  The leaf can be used in many different ways if you have some fantasy. Many leafs together can be a soft mattress in your bed. One single leaf can be used as a boat … Continue reading

The Cube – Part 3

Today I´ll work through part 3 of The Cube – A Writing Exercise. The question to be answered is: What item is similar to the item you have chosen?  I have chosen the leaf. Tis there any item similar to the leaf? I wonder…  The first thing I think about is a piece of paper. … Continue reading


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