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The Cube – Part 2

The day before yesterday I wrote about The Cube – A Writing Exercise. I´ve already worked through question number one of the exercise, and today I´ll work through question number to. How does the item look?  The leaf can look in many different ways. It is sometimes brown, but sometimes it is also full of … Continue reading

The Cube – Part 1

Yesterday I wrote about The Cube – A Writing Exercise. Today I will do the first of the six parts of this exercise. I chose a leaf yesterday, and I will work with that leaf through all the questions. The first question was: What is the item making you to think about?  The leaf makes … Continue reading

The Cube – A Writing Exercise

While I still was in school as a youth, my teacher asked me to do a writing exercise named The Cube. The exercise is very similar to meditation. You pick any item and write about it from six different perspectives. For example, let´s pick a leaf. Ask yourself the questions beneath and write the six … Continue reading

The Problem with Genre

There is a window in my life. I´m standing on one side of it – thats today. On the other side I have yesterday. I´m standing here today, looking back at the days that passed through my life, all the things that happened. I can walk through that window back and forward as I whish, … Continue reading

Use the break

I just had a break in my life. I went out in Europe on a short trip, and did not write at my book, or any poems, or anything in my blog. I’m sure you noticed that. Now I am back at home, full of ideas to my upcoming book, my poems, my writing, my … Continue reading


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