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When the Party´s Over

I have just returned from a very nice crayfish dinner. It´s interesting to see how people eat, especially something as complicated as crayfish. There´s a lot of fiddling and a hard shell to be broken up. Moreover, it´s a bit messy. How we eat maybe say something about our personality? The lady in front of me picked up a nutcracker from her handbag, and tried – with compressed lips – to break into the crayfish on her plate. There was planning and perseverance. Another lady took the table knife and … Continue reading

In Expecting

It´s one of those grey weekdays in my life. I´ve been shopping in the city, and now I´m waiting for the bus to take me back home. The benches are empty as I sit down – alone – and start to pick amongst my nuts a grapes. That´s when the middle-aged man approaches me, sits down … Continue reading

My Very Special Neighbor

Many years ago, in the south of Sweden, in the apartment above mine a woman was living with her three daughters. She was really the typical person who inspired me to create interesting characters in my stories. Everyone living there rented their own private apartment, but the stairs belonged to everyone. People walked up and … Continue reading

A travelling book

Several years ago my husband brought me a book from town. He found it at the train station, as if someone had forgotten it there. Because he knows I love reading, he grabbed the book and gave it to me. On the cover of it there was a small notice telling me that the book … Continue reading


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