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The Spirit

There is a thin line between the work and the fun sharp, making me bleed. That was a haiku. Sometimes I really don´t know if my writing is my work or my interest. I am writing every single day, and will do so – keep it up – till I get that book out there … Continue reading


Today I did some volunteer work before I got into writing, cleaning. That makes me feel good inside. The rain was falling from the sky, I grabbed a big cup of coffee and then I wrote 821 words. Yes, I´m book-keeping the amount of words I´m writing! It keeps me going, it does not matter … Continue reading

Dear Friend

For the moment I´m really not giving much time for this blog. I´m writing on my book, and that is pretty much all I do. I hope You all stay with me, and I will be back in no time. I promise to drop You a haiku or some prose from time to time… Or, … Continue reading


I read your letter; your words are sharp, ment to be little spots of pain. You just read a haiku. If you would like to know more about what that is, just klick the link; haiku.

Use the break

I just had a break in my life. I went out in Europe on a short trip, and did not write at my book, or any poems, or anything in my blog. I’m sure you noticed that. Now I am back at home, full of ideas to my upcoming book, my poems, my writing, my … Continue reading


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