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For me writing is much – almost all – about timing. When I write and for how long I write. It´s almost like being pregnant. Things take time. Sometimes I sit in front of the computer angry, almost mad, and I can´t get a word on print. Then and there it´s so easy to forget … Continue reading

Turn Up the Volume !

Have you ever thought about how strongly music affects us? I always thought that I do realize that…  I´ve been dancing, I´ve been on funerals and weddings, waiting on the phone for that person to talk to me (oh, I hate that music), and then I´m listening to music while writing. I use to listen … Continue reading

My Writing Process

I´m have been away, overseas for a short time. I love travelling. All these trips always give me a lot to write about. If not about something new, then it helps me to freshen up my mind and keep on writing the stuff I already have been working at for such a long time. Travelling … Continue reading

Sick Nursing

The first doctor writes a suspected diagnosis in the journal, without investigating further. The medical care hotline refers me to the emergency which refers to the district health care center. The second doctor i see shakes his shoulders. – During my professional career I´ve mer about 100 000 patients, he explains and comparies how women handled … Continue reading

Darkness and Light

Dark little pieces; short, painful, and spot on truth brightens up my life. You just read a haiku. If you would like to know more about what that is just click the link; haiku. 


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