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Write A Book In A Day

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During my membership at KSP Writing Center in Perth, Australia, as I have written about in a previous post I heard about a huge writing challenge they had for all their members. I never participated because of lack of time, but it sounded great and I would love to do it. It´s even possible to get together on the Internet, through our blogs to do this exercise together during a weekend.

A group of six to eight writers met in the cottage, the previous home of the deceased author Katharine Susannah Prichard, around 8:00 a Saturday morning. Together they spent the next hour chatting about a the outline of the story to be written that day. They exchanged ideas, characters, plots and made a decision of where to start, where to finish. In the end of that hour they had divided the story between themselves into chapters and now they sat in silence, each and one of them writing their own part of that book. Around 02:00 pm they red through the book aloud, chapter by chapter. As soon as that was done  they had about one more hour to do corrections before they reached their deadline at 4:00 pm.

I think this would be a great writing exercise! It would be a challenge not only when it comes to writing, but also about plotting, time management, and communication.


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